Do you love what we do?

Show your support for our exhibits, programs, and research opportunities by making a cash donation. You can give an online donation here.

Do you wish you could donate, but don’t have the spare cash?

No problem! You can still send donations to us through the purchases you make. With Community Rewards program, Dillons Food stores and Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to us, with no extra cost to you. Here’s how to sign up:

To add us to your Community Rewards program, click the logo to the left or download the Dillons app onto your phone. When you participate in Community Rewards, you do not lose other perks, such as gas points or coupons. With no extra charge, your bill stays the same and helps us tremendously!

You can use the Dillons card you already have by entering your ID number, found on the back of the card under the barcode.

App users

Set up your account! This includes adding contact information, adding your card, and choosing your favorite store. Next, in the app, open up the menu and scroll down to settings. Choose Community Rewards from the list. It will direct you to the website where you can choose your Rewards charity. The company ID for Ellis County Historical Society is 83569. By clicking Save, you begin donating instantly!

Website users

Set up your account by providing your contact information, card, and choosing your favorite store. Under the Savings & Rewards menu tab, choose Dillons Community Rewards. The company ID for Ellis County Historical Society is 83569. Click Save and begin donating!

Just like Dillons, contributing to us through amazon does not affect the price you pay for items.


To donate through Amazon, click on the logo above to open From your desktop, go to Accounts & Lists from the navigation at the top of any page, and then select the option Your Amazon Smile. You can add us by searching Ellis County Historical Society, or you may change your charity by clicking on the Change Charity button on the right side of the page.

Here’s the tricky part: You must sign in through in order to make charitable donations. If you sign on through the regular amazon portal, your purchases will not contribute to Ellis County Historical Society. Be sure to bookmark the correct login site!

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